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    How to Maintence and clean your Mouse the right way......    
    Having trouble with your mouse, dose it stick or you have to keep swipping it over and over to get it to move?  Here are a few how to tips on keeping the mouse going and working good.

1. Keep your mouse pad clean as possible, don't sit drinks on it and hey did you
    Know you can clean a mouse pad????.  You sure can just spray some cleaner
    on it 409, Fantastic etc and gently rub and rinse well and let dry completely.

2. Keep your mouse pad clean so the mouse works well, try to keep all lint, hair,
    anything moist or wet off of it at all times.

3. Check your mouse pad, if it is worn or in bad shape most mouse pads are
    cheap so spend a buck and buy a new one.

4. Always keep mouse cord untangled, the mouse should be free moving at all
    times with plenty of room to move in and on.

5.  You can clean your mouse also to help it stay working good, and its very
     simple to do.    (see diagram below trust me its easy to do.....)