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Simple computer tune-up

How to do a simple computer tune-up:

It is very easy to do a basic simple computer tune up, and even a person with limited computer skills can do these.
When to do a tune-up is easy to tell if your computer is taking longer to come up from restart or first turning it on.  If your computer seems to be running slower taking longer to start up programs.  If it is seems slower on the internet, all are very good indications you need to do a basic tune-up.

The first step is to do whats called clean up, go to start click then go to all programs click it, then go to system tools click it, then go to disk clean-up and click it.  This simple program will scan over the computer and indicate temporary internet file, recycle bin that need to be emptied every now and then.  Make sure the report that is brings up only has these check marked for deletion, and then delete.  This will free up space on your computer allowing it to run more smoothly.

Next do the same again go to start click it then all programs click it then to system tools and click it then to defragment click it.  A small screen will come up and ask you to do one of two things (Analize or Defragment)  choose first to analize this will take about 3 to 5 minutes to run.  It will tell you that you need either not defragment or you need to defragment.  In most cases it will say you need to defragment.  If it dose click defragment and this will take a while to peform.  The time will depend on size of computer hard drive and computer speed.  In general takes about 45 minutes to a hour to run.  This processe condenses all data, so your computer will access your information faster and speeds up your computer applications.

These two simple steps alone I recommend at least on a every 3 month basis to keep your computer running in top speed.  It will help in the speed you process programs on your computer and on the internet too.