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How to best care for your Laptop

Laptop Computers:

Care for laptop computers including notebooks etc, an any portable computer.
Laptops have come a long way over the years, and many people now days have one instead of a desktop type computer.  Laptops have had many improvements over the years but still have a few do's and don'ts.
Lets go over them to get the most out of your laptop computer.
Always use care with a laptop, avoid jaring, bumping, droping or any impact on it they are all sensitive to impact.  Avoid at all cost moisture, keep your laptop away from pools indoor or outdoor, the beach or any place moisture is in the air.
Always avoid extreme heat or cold with your laptop.  Never leave it in a hot car in the summer or a cold car in the winter.
If you need to clear your laptop, always use precaution.  Do not use spray cleaner on the laptop directly.  Always lightly spray a cloth and clean with that.  I recomend anti-static wipes used for cleaning a monitor, they are the best to clean with, that and canned air for cleaning computers.
Never place your laptop near or on other electronic equipment.  Avoid magnets or anything that is magnetized.  Make sure nothing applies pressure to the screen of your laptop. 
These simple tips will ensure you get the most trouble free service from your laptop computer.
To help make your laptop last longer always keep a good battery in it.  An charge up when reccomended, most laptops warn win battery is low.  I also recomend a laptop fan board to help keep your laptop cool when using for a prolonged time.  The fan board is a thin plastic board with a couple of fans in it that slides under your laptop to set on.  It pulls heat away from the bottom of the laptop to keep it cooler running.  These fan boards are available all over at a modest price.  They plug into a usb port and use very little power to run, I highly recomend using them.  Always turn your laptop off if not in use, most are not meant to stay on 24/7.  An watch having food or drink around your laptop, spills can be avoided in most cases. 
These tips will help your laptop give you many years of good service.